Can you Vape CBD Hemp Oil

Vaping has become quite a practice at the date. CBD oil is being widely used for vaping, and hence it is important to know which type of oils are safe for vaping and whether CBD hemp oil is safe when it comes to using it to vape. CBD can be infused into some products ranging from vape juice, edibles, capsules, creams, and oil tinctures.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is generally confused with hemp seed oil, which has been used as an oral tincture. Hemp seed oil is supposed to contain MCT oil that is found in coconuts and is not considered to be suitable for inhalation. Studies have shown that inhaling such oil can even be a cause of various diseases like those of lipoid pneumonia. The distinction between CBD oil tinctures and CBD oil used for inhalation is that the tinctures are oil-based while CBD oil is not. Two types of CBD oil are suitable for vape. First is that of CBD vape juice, and the second one is CBD cartridges.

CBD that is used for the purpose of vaping is sometimes called ‘CBD vape oil,’ but it does not contain oil. Thus, the more appropriate term for this type of CBD is that of CBD vape juice. Before purchasing any CBD oil or vape juice, you should carefully read the label. If the label says anything besides PG, VG, CBD extract, terpenes, or cannabinoids, then it is not recommended for inhaling purposes.

CBD cartridges are very much alike THC oil cartridges and appear to be slim tanks containing CBD juice. They are connected to a battery and can be used like regular vapes.

Side effects of vaping CBD

Research about the side effects of CBD is still under consideration. No final draft has been made as to what is the list of the side effects of vaping CBD. Some general side effects can be concluded, which are generally seen. The most common side effect reported is that of mild drowsiness, which is usually witnessed in either first-timers or those who use it much regularly. This drowsiness is often the result of heavy consumption, while low or medium consumption can lead to the opposite effect. Other than drowsiness, the side effects seen were slight euphoria, hunger, and red eyes.


It can be concluded that CBD can be used to vape but it is important to keep in notice what form you are using and to see all the ingredients before purchasing any product. There is a general saying that excess of everything is bad. Consuming CBD in low amounts can be good, but inhaling it in large quantities or regularly can lead to further problems and difficulties. So, all factors should be kept in mind before deciding to go for vaping CBD.