What Does Conflict Free Jewelry Mean

Anyone that has ever shopped for jewelry which has even a small amount of diamonds has probably heard the term Conflict Free Diamonds. Some jewelry companies use it as a major selling point to attract new business. Even leaders of countries that are rich in diamond production will tell the world of their conflict-free mining operations. Though the phrase in common, unless you’ve had a reason to research it, the meaning may not be so apparent.

What are conflict-free diamonds?

There are quite a few proper definitions to this question, but let’s keep it simple to understand. Conflict free diamonds Los Angeles are diamonds that have been mined, cleaned, cut and/or sold from a nation where none of the money from the transaction is given to dictatorships or factions in the country that are seeking to overthrow their government. Even more simply put, a conflict-free diamond is a guarantee of knowing that the jewelry you have bought has not in any way profited anyone else’s war.

Where do conflict diamonds come from?

Right now, the highest percentage of conflict diamonds, or more commonly called blood diamonds, come from areas throughout Africa (https://money.howstuffworks.com/african-diamond-trade2.htm). Civil unrest has been going on for decades, and parts of Africa, such as Sierra Leone, Angola, and Liberia, have been dependent on buying weapons and paying soldiers with the diamonds that are mined in their parts of the country. Blood diamond is a very realistic term. Not only are people fighting to overthrow governments, but they are also fighting for control of the mining operations that produce the diamonds the fund the wars in the first place. It truly is a very vicious cycle.

Why should I buy conflict-free diamonds and jewelry?

Every day, hundreds of lives are lost through conflict diamond mining and the wars those diamonds finance. By choosing to only buy certified conflict-free diamonds and jewelry, you are literally helping to save lives. The demand for diamonds will always be here. The supply is nowhere near to running out. By making the conscious choice to only buy diamonds or jewelry that have been certified conflict-free, each individual can feel a sense of pride knowing they their purchase did not go to the support of war or life lost.

Think of it like this-you are searching for the perfect engagement ring for the woman that you love. You finally find that perfect ring, but the jeweler hasn’t verified that they only deal in non-conflict diamonds. If you buy that ring, every time you see it on her finger, you’ll have to wonder how many innocent people died just for that little stone. Is the weight on your conscience worth not taking the time to research where the diamond came from? Only you can decide.

How do I make certain my diamonds are conflict-free?

Jewelry companies are proud to let their patrons know that they have no dealings with blood diamonds. An easy way to find out is to simply ask the store or company if their merchandise is conflict free. Many stores will even offer to show you the paperwork showing they are! If you are looking to buy your diamond online, you can literally just search for “conflict-free jewelry” or “conflict-free diamonds”, You’ll be shown vendor after vendor that proudly support conflict-free sales.


If you want to learn more about conflict-free diamonds or the benefits of purchasing only jewelry that is conflict-free, visit some of the links below. Remember, your choice in diamonds literally does affect the life of others. Always choose conflict free!