What Happens If I Miss My Flight Due to Traffic?

Major airports in the world are experiencing an influx in passenger numbers. More people are opting to fly to their destination. These numbers have stretched the airport facilities like terminals and airport parking lots. To find an empty parking lot at the airport is a headache, even for dropping or picking up a passenger. Although there are alternative car parks near significant airports that you may utilize like car parking at Melbourne airport, if you don’t wake up early to beat the traffic at the airport, then you will end up missing your flight. Major airports need to expand their facilities to accommodate the increasing passenger numbers. What happens when you miss your flight? Here are the possible scenarios.

Alert the airline

If you are stuck in a traffic snarl up, the best thing to do is to alert the airline in question. There is nothing you can be able to do about the traffic. The airline will reserve another seat for you on the next available plane. Although airlines have strict policies regarding check-ins at the airport. Airlines always advise their passengers to arrive at the airport two hours before the departure time. This time will be sufficient enough for you to go through the customs and immigration sections before you are cleared to board your flight. If you alert the airline on time, they will give your seat to the next available passenger and reserve you a seat on the next trip.

Re-booking fee

Some airlines charge you a re-booking fee if you miss your flight due to some reasons like traffic or accidents etc. Airfares are dynamic, and they change with flights. You may have to shoulder the difference in the fares before you are rebooked on the next available flight. It is advisable to set off early for the airport.

As you can see, lateness is a costly inconvenience. Ask the airline staff on how best can you get re-booked without paying for more. You might need to wait for the next flight on the same airline, which might be the next day.

A refund

Though this is a rare occurrence, most airlines will rather re-book than refund you. There are some cases that you will be entitled to compensation. If the airline in question overbooked the flight, then passengers who missed the trip will be entitled to a refund. There is a flat tire rule in most airlines, in case you had a flat tire or an accident, and you can be compensated because the situation is out of your hands. If you feel that you will not make it on time at the airport. You might utilize this rule, and you will be given a refund. For more info on this rule, visit this site.

Passenger bound taxes

If you miss the flight and the airline in question is reluctant to rebook you on the next flight. Then the other option is to ask them to refund you the passenger bound taxes. If you miss your flight, the airline will not pay the taxes to the airport. These passengers bound taxes comprise 25% of the ticket price. The airline will charge an administration fee on the tax refund, but in the end, you will be refunded some of your money. This is especially when you don’t want to continue with the flight. Find more information on this site.



All is not lost when you miss a flight. You have alternatives like getting rebooked on the next plane or getting a refund. It is always advisable to arrive early at the airport so that you can avoid some of these scenarios. Watch this YouTube video for more information.